Oahu Beach Infographic

Kim Steutermann Rogers


It's here. When the first big south swell arrived this week, we got our first hint: Summer has arrived.

I flew from Lihue to Honolulu yesterday and could see the ripples forming into white ribbons into waves crashing on shore. It was quite a sight.

Another indicator that summer has arrived is graduation. I sat next to a grandmother on my flight into Honolulu. She carried a bag with stacks of lei for her granddaughter who graduates from high school this weekend.

And just in case I didn't believe those two rather obvious signs from nature and society, I realized another one today: It's hot.

Just a couple degrees is all it takes, but you can feel it. The northeast trade winds aren't as strong. The sun is more intense. All this adds up to one thing: Time to hit the beach.

To help, here's our latest infographic for Hawaii beaches. Download this onto your mobile device of choice, pack the sunscreen and head for the ocean. But, as always, be careful. Spend some time observing the quirks of the ocean and check with a lifeguard. If in doubt, as they say, don't go out.

Oahu beach infographic
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