여행 결심: 와이키키 비치 펀

Kait Hanson


하지만 백문이 불여일견이죠. 이 블로거의 생생한 체험기를 통해 상징적인 와이키키에서 즐거움을 누리는 것이란 어떤 것인지 알아보세요.

"정말 새로워지는 느낌, 활력을 되찾은 느낌을 남기는 휴가는 무엇이 다를까요?

If you are planning a trip to Oahu, looking for a nice beach hotel in Honolulu or just want a little virtual vacation, today’s post is for you! We headed down to [Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort] to check in on Friday afternoon. We were a little bit early to check-in (I believe it’s normally 3PM), so we were going to be totally okay waiting, but it turns out our room was ready. The refreshing cold towel and welcome juice is one of the things I love most about checking into hotels here in Hawaii – so delicious! We were booked in a club room on the 15th floor, so we had a fantastic view of Waikiki Beach below us and a couple of cool perks. Because of this, our room keys for the weekend were actually silicone bracelets, which I loved since I am that person always misplacing her room key, and we were able to take a private elevator straight to the top without having to stop on multiple floors for other guests to get on and off. The process was all digitized, so all we needed to do was swipe our wristband against the elevator or our room for access.

Now, probably my favorite perk was access to the Voyager 47 Club Lounge. It’s a private lounge with amazing views of Diamond Head Crater right on the beach! With access, guests get an all-you-can-eat-and-drink breakfast from 6-9AM and happy hour from 5-7PM. It was amazing and worth going to every single day! When we got settled into our room, I absolutely could not get over the views. I mean, we were RIGHT ON THE FREAKING BEACH. It was the best of both worlds – bird’s eye view and listening to the ocean waves. Shamelessly, I love looking at Waikiki from above, because I love the dots of color from swimsuits, rafts, towels and umbrellas!

We had plans to go out later that night, so I knew I wanted to recharge a bit beforehand and I noticed the new Sunrise Shack on our way in, so I had bulletproof coffee on the brain. My friend Marisa was able to meet me for a quick catch-up and she recommended the seasonal Pumpkin Bulletproof blend, so that’s what I went with. HOLY MOLY! It did not disappoint and neither did the new Shack.

After coffee, [my husband] Dane and I strolled around the resort, checking out the pool and beachside set-up, and then made our way back to the lobby so we could figure out how to get to the Voyager 47 Club for our complimentary happy hour! We went upstairs to shower, get ready and head down to watch sunset and grab some complimentary drinks and snacks. We even met the sweetest couple from San Diego who has been coming to Hawaii for more than 20 years, so we chatted with them for nearly an hour over Voyager 47’s signature mango sangria, champagne and taro chips. Oh gosh – there was also this insanely delicious Maui Onion dip — I’m drooling thinking about it. Trust me when I say it really set the tone for an amazing weekend.

We went upstairs to shower, get ready and head down to watch sunset and grab some complimentary drinks and snacks. We even met the sweetest couple from San Diego who has been coming to Hawaii for more than 20 years, so we chatted with them for nearly an hour over Voyager 47’s signature mango sangria, champagne and taro chips. Oh gosh – there was also this insanely delicious Maui Onion dip — I’m drooling thinking about it.

We got back to [our room] and could not get over how beautifully everything was lit up down below us and Duke’s was still going strong on the beach! I give all the credit in the world to people who can party all night. I wish I was one of them!

We had our alarms set for 7AM since we had a stand-up paddle yoga class from Yoga Kai Hawaii scheduled and practically fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow! I have no idea what happened, but the next thing I knew, it was 9AM! Dane and I absolutely never sleep in, so when we rolled over and realized the time, we both kind of freaked out a little bit. I’m not sure if it was being out late, the super comfortable bed or the blackout curtains, but dang – it felt really, really good to sleep in. We were really bummed we missed the class, though, so next time we will definitely be going! Yoga Kai Hawaii hosts classes every Monday and Thursday at 8AM that are complimentary for Outrigger Waikiki guests. Cool, right? When we realized we had not only missed yoga, but also our complimentary breakfast at Voyager 47, we opted to make some coffee in the room and watch the surfers and paddlers for a bit. I’m not always a fan of hotel room coffee, but this was a major exception since they had Hawaiian coffee. YUM!

Dane and I were both pretty hungry and I had an acai bowl from the Sunrise Shack on my brain, so we walked downstairs to grab breakfast there. I had talked nonstop about that bulletproof coffee, so we ordered two of those, too. This time I got the coconut and oh my goodness – DELISH! I’m a sucker for coconut anything, but this was especially good. Full and happy, we made our way to the pool to see if there were any open chairs left, since we had seen a very full pool from our room. Turns out, we snagged two right in the sunshine as we walked in – perfect timing! We kicked back for about 5 hours at the pool reading and chatting and okay, okay – ordering drinks! I love that Outrigger Waikiki is attached to Duke’s, so all the very best cocktails Honolulu has to offer are legitimately right at arm’s reach. It made the decision for a liquid lunch easy.

Around 4PM, we decided to head upstairs, shower off and head to some of the nearby shops. One of the perks of the hotel’s location is truly being in the heart of all that Waikiki has to offer. International Marketplace is right across the street. It’s ideal for nearly any type of traveler – relaxing, active, family, couple, etc. Sunset was coming in fast, so we headed back to make sure we could capitalize on that lounge happy hour (we are easy to please, okay?) and again – a beautiful sunset. Mother Nature doesn’t disappoint! It had been so, so long since we had indulged in Duke’s Hula Pie (a classic if you’re planning a trip to Hawaii), so we made sure to share a slice before heading upstairs and calling it an early night. Our glorious sleep-in session on Saturday was a total fluke for us, because we were up with the birds on Sunday to enjoy the sunrise. We walked down to the beach, enjoyed all the beautiful colors and then headed straight for breakfast.

Since we had missed it the day prior, I was anxious to see what sort of spread they had and – color me impressed. Sometimes “complimentary breakfast” means cereal with milk, but Outrigger pulls out all the stops, which makes booking with club lounge access a total no-brainer. Breakfast included fresh fruit, oatmeal with toppings, eggs, fried rice, cheeses, meats, bacon, sausage, bagels, toast + spreads and an open bar. There was also a great coffee machine where you could make just about any coffee beverage you can dream up. Double espresso for me, thanks!

Since we were up so early, we decided to go ahead and stake out our pool chairs for the day. We love the beach, but we rarely get the chance to go to a pool, so we took full advantage! It was another long pool day with various breaks for snacks, drinks and reapplication of sunscreen. All too soon, it was time for us to pack our room, check out and say farewell (for now) to our beautiful suite. Our weekend was amazing start to finish and I’m back at my desk this week feeling more refreshed and a bit more in love with Hawaii than before. If you’re interested in visiting Honolulu, I would absolutely book Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort if you want a big bang for your buck. It’s a good resort for families or couples and the location cannot be beat."

Are you convinced that Waikiki where you need to be for a little more fun in 2019? Explore the getaway possibilities here.

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