Crazy for {Homemade} Coconut Oil


Coconut oil may be all the rage, but it’s nothing new to the Maldivian culture.

At Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, our Navasana Spa therapists pamper guests with blissful massages using 100% organic coconut oil made by the staff on property. It’s a team effort to create the finished product, which is flying off the shelves. Our resort gardeners collect fresh coconuts from around the island.

The trick, we’ve learned, is to shake the coconut and listen for water inside. If there’s no water, the coconut is not fresh enough. The coconuts that make it through the shake test are husked using a steel spike, and the team uses a machete to crack the remaining nut in half. The coconut meat is then removed and shredded using a specifically designed coconut shredder. The shredded coconut is mixed with warm water, and the milk is squeezed out by hand.

At this point, the milk is placed into the refrigerator overnight to set. The next morning we separate the top layer (which has the consistency of tofu) into the rice cooker and discard the water underneath. This gets cooked on a constant heat, stirring consistently until the oil separates and is clear. This oil is then strained into bottles.

Our coconuts on the island are not considered large coconuts. We've found that 50 coconuts will get us about six 200ml bottles of oil. That said, we have to make several batches a week to keep our shelves stocked. 

Coconut oil can be used for just about everything! Skin, hair, cooking, strengthening the immune system… the list goes on. The homemade oil also makes a one-of-a-kind souvenir or travel gift.

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